I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in individual psychotherapy with adults and adolescents, and couples therapy with partners and married couples. My style is warm, active, and respectful, and blends various approaches including: relationship-oriented psychotherapy, EMDR, mindfulness, useful tools and strategies, and strength-based resourcing. I work with a broad range of issues including depression, anxiety, low self-confidence, relationship struggles, work and school stress, parenting, and LGBTQ issues. In therapy we slow down and balance mindful attention to your current patterns, struggles and strengths, with deeper understanding of their roots in your history. This kind of reflection frees you up to know yourself more deeply, make different choices and be your best self.

I also work with a number of clients for whom life is pretty good, but who long for more meaning in their lives, deeper self-understanding, or a greater capacity for intimacy in their relationships. I integrate ideas from a few different theories, including Attachment theory and the new and exciting field of Interpersonal Neurobiology, an approach that has grown from the recent research on brain development over the lifespan. Clients find that learning more about the interaction between their mind, brain and relationships, gives them a way to understand themselves and their issues with less self-judgment.

"Needless to say, we are not required to choose between a reflective stance (that helps us see the patterns in our experience over time) and mindful a one (that helps us to deeply inhabit our experience of the present moment). In psychotherapy, both stances can be healing, and each may well potentiate the other."
--David J. Wallin, Attachment in Psychotherapy

Areas of Expertise

  • Helping individuals to understand themselves, develop self-acceptance, and creat the life they want
  • Mothering: Finding balance, Self-care, Slowing down, Understanding and managing Anger, Working with a challenging relationship with a child
  • Supporting mothers of adult children foster healthy relationships with their kids, no matter their age
  • Helping adults navigate complicated relationships with aging parents 
  • Healing from Traumatic events or Relationships; Certified in EMDR
  • Providing safety and support to LGBTQ individuals and their families


I offer consultation to licensed psychotherapists who are interested in growing their practice, developing their unique voice as a clinician, and increasing their sense of mastery. 


Catie McDowell, P.C.

Licensed Marriage &
Family Therapist


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