I began my professional life as a teacher and parent educator, facilitating groups and classes in the community. Over time, I became fascinated by the the impact that family relationships, in particular, the parent-child relationship, had on people as they grew and developed. I had witnessed the ways in which some people suffer and struggle, and others adapt, cope or thrive in their unique family contexts. It was this fascination that led me back to graduate school. Since graduating with my Masters in 1991, I have worked with adults and children of all ages in a variety of mental health agencies including outpatient, day-treatment, school, crisis and hospital settings. I began my private practice in Boulder in 1999.

I love my work. As I sit with clients, whether a stressed college-student, a couple who feel they've grown apart, or a depleted mother of young children, I am reminded time and time again, that we all have a great capacity to grow and change, given the opportunity. I am honored to be a part of that process. You will find more details about my education and training below.

"Reflecting on your childhood experiences can help you make sense of your life. Since the events of your childhood can't be altered, why is such reflection helpful? A deeper self-understanding changes who you are. Making sense of your life enables you to understand others more fully and gives you the possiblity of choosing your behaviors and opening your mind to a fuller range of experiences."
-- Daniel Siegel, M.D., Parenting from the Inside Out


B.A., Bard College
M.S., Clinical Psychology, San Francisco State University

License and Certifications

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Colorado since 1995
Marriage, Family and Child Counselor in CA 1993-1995
Certified as EMDR Therapist (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) 2007

Additional Training

Trained in EMDR 2000 and 2003
Have attended numerous advanced trainings in EMDR
Trained in Brainspotting 2008
Ongoing training in areas of interest including: 
Interpersonal Neurobiology, Attachment, Trauma, and Mindfulness practices

Professional Activities

EMDR International Association


Catie McDowell, P.C.

Licensed Marriage &
Family Therapist


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